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Ten years on, we still listen along: Tune in to the podcast using this link in your favourite podcast tool:
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tony martin sizzletown
Listen to Tony Martin's Sizzletown podcast (with Matt "Pots n Pans" Dower)here
Celebrating Over 10 Years
are you cape-able?

Check out the archives here


Ed Kavalee's Scumbus...Finally

Scarcely Relevent, By Tony Martin
ebook of his Scrivener's Fancy column ($6)

mrtonymartin on twitter

Can You Take This Photo Please?

Justin Hamilton Interviews Tony Martin

Interview 1: From NZ to the Late Show
Interview 2: Tony Martin Supremacy

Pure Humbug
for all your GT/TM/EK/RM audio/visual needs

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The Scriveners Fancy
The Scriverner's Fancy currently offline since 6/11/2011. I'm sure it'll come back. Come onTony!!!!